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Beijing Olympics coaching

Welcome and thank you for visiting my new info website. It’s centered around my Weightlifting, CrossFit and S&C activity based on a 35-year long professional experience developing athletes around the world.

I try to give you an overview of all my contributions I can provide improving coaches’ professional level and athletes’ performance.

One of the main pillars of my professional philosophy when teaching or coaching speaks for itself: „Effectiveness for improvement”.

Please take a look and and contact me any time.

Tamas Feher
Former Weightlifting Head Coach for Great Britain, former Coaching Education Manager of USA Weightlifting.



Kurlovich Feher Sport

Alexander Kurlovich, double Olympic champion, multiple world champion:

“Tamas Feher was an exceptional coach in Hungary, Norway, in several Latin American countries and lately in Great Britain where he prepared and coached the British Team at the London 2012 Olympics. I was sure he’d make a great impact on British weightlifting sport. So, did he…”



Erzsebet Markus
Erzsebet Markus
, Olympic Silver medalist, world and European champion:

“I’ve witnessed Tamas’ professional career from the beginning. It was always amazing for me to see him teaching and coaching worldwide not only to an extremely professional level but also in 3 different languages.”



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Some of the main organizations Tamas Feher worked for

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